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When all else fails, MacGyver it.

A picture of some homemade business cards.With several networking events lined up, looming deadlines and an inkjet printer that’s refusing to play ball (I may actually play football with it soon,) I was stuck with no business cards and no time to get any properly printed. However, in the spirit of everyone’s favourite 80s action hero… OK in the spirit of everyone’s 6th favourite 80s action hero, I decided to MacGyver some up. Scrabbling around the studio I found a bunch of Avery labels, a scalpel, a pile of old leaflets/brochures and the trusty Samsung ML-1670 laser printer. Queue musical montage in which I narrowly avoid slicing my fingertip off whilst trimming random bits of promo material down to size, take eight attempts to get the ML-1670 and Avery labels to see eye to eye and combine it all to create a low-fi, no-budget weapon of self promotion that would make the A-Team jealous. Now all I need is a mullet.